Youre Entitled To Your Own Opinion But Not Your Own Facts 2020 Stars Shirt

People fear these angry GI Joe cosplayers with AR15s. They believe in themselves. They believe in their power. The US military is well integrated. Like in extremely. When Donny loses the election he will effectively cease to be the Commander in Chief. That will leave Good Boys or whatever they call themselves on one side, facing those we Americans call men. With tanks and gunships. It won’t take a deadly conflict or two before camo costumes are thrown into a burning barrel and military guns are hidden not to be seen again off a legal range. What is about to come will be ugly, but it will be the end of it. The US military will act in the face of armed insurgency and treason.

Youre Entitled To Your Own Opinion But Not Your Own Facts 2020 Stars Shirt

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When is enough for people? Where is the line? After he installs another hack SCOTUS judge? After he fucks the election? It wasn’t the concentration camps, and sterilizing women? It wasn’t treason? Abandoning our allies in Syria? Colluding with a hostile foreign government to attack political rivals? Ordering soldiers with bayonets to be ready to deploy into protestors in DC? Gassing protestors for a photo op? Not paying taxes? Owing $400 million to who knows? These people only care about money. They rushed everyone back to work because they were losing it. It only took a few weeks for them to panic. It’s all on our backs. Fuck these clowns. We sanction their ass and boycott doing business with Trumps’ America.