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People say stuff like the spiteful ones live the longest and only the good die young, but I hope karma or god or whatever you believe in can make an exception for this vile excuse for a life and do us a solid and take him away sooner rather than later. So here in Texas, yesterday’s newscast had courts had upheld that straight-party ballot voting not allowed. So looks like long lines to vote setting up. Then today governor reduced places where you can turn in your voter ballot, eventually he trying to get it where you have to go to 1 place, reliant stadium from what hear(check me on this). Then the previous postal system monkey wrenches that were put in place to slow down mail-in voting. It’s all so obvious what the Republicans are trying to do to put a fix in the election. Damn fascists!

Never Underestimate An Old Lady Who Loves Line Dance Pink Shirt


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Proud boys is apparently a white supremacist group run by a black looking dude. Anybody ever Google picture of its leader? He doesn’t look white to me. Totally dark skin. Why is every race that is not liberal referred to as a white supremacist these days? It’s not that ambiguous. It’s a word that suggests movement toward hard affirmation. And maybe he said sure because he’s tired of being told to condemn people he already condemned. Meanwhile, Biden says Antifa is nothing but an idea. Well that idea has killed many people and destroyed a lot of property.