Working At UPS It’s Not Just A Job Title It’s A 2020 Survival Skill Shirt

Seriously and I can not stress this enough. Idiot vegans that think nature should conform to their viewpoint should be eaten alive by some sort of predator. It is idiotic to assume that because you feel a certain way that the rest of nature should just work that way as well. Veganism on its own I have some issues with, but when I hear stupid shit like this it makes my brain want to explode. Take care of your awesome cat and give it some wet food as a special treat, because cats are carnivores. I am AMAZED by the mental gymnastics one has to go through to think causing the genocide.

Working At UPS It’s Not Just A Job Title It’s A 2020 Survival Skill Shirt

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Hey, I don’t want to be an alarmist or anything but a man. If you have her keys to the apartment of yours or if you let mittens roam somewhere watch out. She sounds crazy to me and I’m worried she might try to hurt your cat in some way. Your girlfriend’s disaffection for nature and its ways does not make it less natural. Tell her to grow up and step into the real world. No amount of ethics preaching will change the nutritional needs or ingrained instincts of a cat. Cats are carnivores period. She wasn’t a vegan ..she was dumb. Lol. She wants felines to stop hunting?

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