50th Birthday 2020 The Year When Shit Got Real Quarantine Shirt

She’s gonna want the animal to be completely torn away from its home for something natural? She wants to risk the cat getting depression and complete behavioral changes. Because it does what it’s naturally programmed to do? Oh and not to mention she wants you to give up apart of your life. Something you love and has raised. That’s selfish. She sounds like one of those human pieces of maggot-ridden dumpster shit that would put a cat on a vegan diet and watch it slowly die. Utterly convinced they are doing the right thing.

50th Birthday 2020 The Year When Shit Got Real Quarantine Shirt – Effecttee 


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What a beautiful cat! You did the right thing. 12 years ago, I had a 1-year-old kitten and a controlling boyfriend who wanted to get rid of him. Now I have a 13-year-old cat and a new boyfriend who loves the cat and recognizes that he was there first. No regrets! I had a cat named mittens that looked exactly like yours. This brought back the sweet memories of my old friend. Thank you for sharing the picture and best luck to you in your life. You made the right decision. Grats on winning Mittens!! Final score= Cat 1 , mean of 0.

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