Wolf Attention I Am Out Of Order Until Further Notice Shirt

Sorry to add on but my mum bought a bell collar for my cat. That usually scared the crap out of whatever he was trying to chase down so you could have found alternatives but the fact she instantly said you should get rid of Mittens is crazy and it’s as if she wants you to choose over her and a literal member of your family, glad you got away from that. Something tells me that the girlfriend isn’t done with this yet. Keep mittens close, do not let your ex near him. She is clearly controlling and we don’t know how far she will punish OP for this.

Wolf Attention I Am Out Of Order Until Further Notice Shirt

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The breakup being easy and done just sounds too good to be real. And please give Mittens a smooch for me. On another topic, I once had a roommate who thought that my owning a cat was unethical. He believed that every cat deserves to live in nature so that it can hunt and live in a pack. He said he didn’t want to pet my cat because he didn’t have the cat’s consent for a pet. I told him not to worry, my cat will make it known if he isn’t accepting any more pets.

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