That’s What I Do I Eat Tacos I Drink Beer And I Know Things Vintage Shirt

Indeed. I get that some people have fetishes or different ways of displaying affection, but it should be talked out first. Like, face-licking… I’m sure there are people who like that. I wouldn’t mind it, thinking about it now. Still, in public on a date, for someone to lick my face without any conversation about it in the first place and then casually mention sexual assault… That’s two huge red flags. Not to mention stalking. I’d bet that if he hasn’t abused a woman yet, he’ll be in, or has been in, an abusive relationship later on. The dude straight up licked my face. We were sitting at the bar and I had turned to get the bartender’s attention and he leaned over and licked my chin to temple. I was visibly shaking. So he tried to playfully poke me to tone my “what the fuck” face down and I asked him to stop. He then leaned in and whisper, “I’ll just poke your sleeping body later”. . . .

That’s What I Do I Eat Tacos I Drink Beer And I Know Things Vintage Shirt

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I studied at West Point and a lot of them are messed up. This prior service cadet thought it would be funny to “pretend” to stab people by taking a sharp pair of scissors and very forcibly thrusting it towards you. There was one point when he did it to one of my company mates and another cadet had to intervene because he was using all his strength to force those scissors into the guy’s chest and the guy’s strength was starting to give. When the other cadet was finally able to overpower him, all he said was “it’s just a joke.” Needless to say, he graduated and is now a Second Lieutenant.

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