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I understand your frustration with this, but I don’t think it’s so black and white. Virginia Tech certainly honors those 32 individuals every year with a memorial and an event. Based on what I briefly researched, they want to honor them equally, since they do not have 32 buildings to name at the moment. Aside from the politics of how they name buildings based on key donors (like Goodwin Hall recently), I’d imagine they don’t want to show any favoritism between those who died and saved many by renaming a single building. Dr. Librescu is survived by his wife, Marlena, and his sons, Joseph and Arieh, who reside in Israel. During his funeral in Israel, Marlena was presented with the Grand Cross of Romania, the nation’s highest civilian honor, in honor of her husband’s “scientific achievements and heroism.”

Hamilton King George Chorus Da Da Da shirt

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What bothers me is the fact that he felt harming innocent people would offset whatever feelings he was having. Spring 2007, I was struggling to get dates, having attractive women add me back on MySpace (Facebook was just starting to kick-off). It never occurred to me the way to make things right was to shoot people I didn’t even know. Lmao in high school the principal came on the speakers, and this is imperative, he has a thick southern accent saying “students, there’s been a bobcat sighting in the area. If you see it, don’t touch it.” And it was the funniest damn thing ever. To this day we make the joke or don’t touch that bobcat whenever there’s something obviously dangerous around.

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