U2 Band Girl I’m Not Old I’m Signatures Vintage Shirt

I went on a dinner date with a guy from OLD. He takes me to a tapas restaurant and proceeds to chug 3 drinks in a matter of 15 minutes. The waiter asks if I want to see a menu and he tells them no. So apparently dinner is not happening. This guy sucks and he keeps randomly interrupting me to tell me where he buys his clothes. So I excuse myself to use the bathroom and the wait staff pulls me aside and asked me if I needed help because it was looking bad. They said they will tell him I left and to stay in the kitchen watching alien vs predator until he leaves. I waited 10 minutes until he left and I went to Wendy’s for a spicy chicken sandwich.

U2 Band Girl I’m Not Old I’m Signatures Vintage Shirt

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I was young and kind of shy and a pushover, and I met this nice guy at a cafe and went on a date with him. First, he brings his dog to the restaurant, and so we aren’t allowed in. Weird but like hey maybe he thought they were pet friendly. He says he lives nearby so I walk with him and intend to wait outside while he brings the dog upstairs. Dinner is weird, he had some strange/god awful views and I knew it wasn’t gonna work out (wanted literal cat genocide, shamed me for wanting to adopt, more). I make a move to go home after dinner and he reminds me I agreed to a walk too so caught off guard I agree.

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