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You’ll enjoy watching us “retards” choose Biden? Honestly, the hate dripping from your comment is a big part of the problem. Why do you spread so much negativity about your fellow humans? Like damn, I don’t think other countries’ terrible governments are an accurate representation of the everyday people just trying to make it through life, why do you? I think he’s justifiably pissed off at the fact there’s an easy solution to the problem but they are constantly ignored again and again. It’s so obvious what the right choices are but they rarely come out as the result. If you actually care a lot about your country you’re should be going insane at all the evil fucked up wrong shit that’s going on.

So Beautiful Dinosaurs T Rex Mamasaurus Shirt

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His briefing today was fucking word salad. Gave nothing new AT all to what we already knew and not only that he made a choice to be there. It was supposed to be Pence’s thing but since everyone has been talking shit about him today, he wanted to show his face. Is the counter-disinformation unit there to make sure that our (UK) government’s disinformation is heard more that other government’s disinformation?