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The guy doesn’t think from a humanitarian standpoint but he should be thinking from an oligarchical or monarchical standpoint, where he can’t remain in power if nobody props him up. It may not be the right reason but it should be a reason for him to enact stronger protocols to contain the virus, instead of sending Kudlow and Pence to do damage control every day for the economy and public confidence. Everyone in that room and other rooms are doing a great job. He will be meeting with the Republicans and getting us a tax cut. No discussion on how to fund it. As usual, it was very disjointed. He talked for about 5 minutes and turned it over to Pence. Pence said he was thankful for the leadership of the president.

Top What The Music Note Shirt


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A UK official – one of several members of the government who spoke to BuzzFeed News on condition of anonymity about the Trump administration’s response to the virus – said the president’s public statements have caused “More than the usual eye-rolling” in London. For all his faults, Boris is actually doing a pretty good job of managing the crisis. Most importantly he is basing his decision making on the advice of the two most qualified people in the country to give it. Trump on the other hand is ignoring the advice of the people who are most qualified, is actively countering the advice, and has delegated management of this crisis who’s the only qualification is he is a lawyer.

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