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1 in 10 people infected will require hospitalization. So… assuming our vaunted leadership continues this “play it down” approach and no real testing or quarantine procedures are put in place. We are looking at around 33 million people requiring hospitalization in the next few months. This is a man representing a party who collectively cannot imagine that global warming exists because it snows from time to time. /they cannot forecast into the future because they want things to stay as they always are.

Wonderful I Want Sunflower Texas Flag Shirt

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I’m not even worried, not because it isn’t serious, but because I know its futile. I’ll attempt to educate my close ones the best I can, but ultimately short of a serious about-face, what’s going to happen is going to happen at this point. I would say they’ve done ok, not sod all. They haven’t been doing enough though. What really needs to happen is the shutting down of sports events, schools, etc…and the government doesn’t want to tank the economy so is holding off until it’s too late…then they will start taking those measures.

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