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At that point it was pretty obvious they weren’t interested in letting the courts get involved with the administration of justice. Then they finally found the right guy holed up in a cabin and intentionally burned it down with him inside only 3 hours and 30 minutes after finding where he was. They also completely discredited him by editing his statement. I read the original post on Facebook early that morning and there wasn’t a single mention of celebrities or any of that bullshit in it. By the time I had left for work the post had been removed and the news was all talking about the celebrity bullshit and why Dorner was crazy! Fucking wildman.

Say No To And The Hoe Shirt


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The cops hunting him down proceeded to shoot 2 Filipino women in a truck that wasn’t even the right make and model. He was 100% right about them. His only mistake was getting caught too soon. It’s a much nobler profession, but it hasn’t been entirely free of corruption. In places where fire departments are privatized or paid in advance by the people, it’s a failure of government, as far as I’m concerned. There is a compelling state interest in hindering all fires affecting the population. Their services should always be free to the end-user.