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I love how stupid it is. First off this speech is broadcast Premium Jobs Not Mobs Shirt galaxy before the events of the movie. Yet everyone still acts surprised when they’re told Palpatine is alive. And his plan is utterly asinine and confusing, not feeling like anything that the cunning mastermind from Lucas’ Star Wars would do. I do find it funny that TROS ruined Luke’s character even more. Was even going to burn the books that held the only clue on how to find Palpatine, thus he was willing to damn the entire galaxy had Rey not taken them. Palpatine was so horny to suck some force magic out of Rey that he just couldn’t wait a week until his ridiculous fleet of Death Star laser packing Star Destroyers were ready to go and in position to attack. The power scale in just that last movie is so ridiculously over the top. It’s like, hooray, we finally have a movie where there isn’t a planet-destroying laser as the main plot device! What’s that?

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