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I’m guessing the difference was. Argo was based on something that really happened and adapted from the Top Justice For Vanessa Guillen Shirt. You can be good at adapting something and knowing how to make things work on screen and still be shit at coming up with your own ideas and story structure. I’d totally believe that. It’s like D&D over on Game of Thrones. Fell apart when they ran out of completed books and had to work from GRRM’s vague outlines. No the entire TROS production was a complete nightmare. Kennedy (Lucasfilm) wanted to delay the film, and Bob Iger (Disney CEO) was close to stepping down so he said no, so they had to push out something quick. They fired Colin Trevorrow and threw away his script out the fucking window, started fresh, and only had short months to complete the film. Worthy note that IX was NOT going to be the ending. Listen I could hate Kennedy and Lucasfilm, but at the end of the day.

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