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When I first saw the shot of dark Perfect We Are Q Shirt I was pretty cynical and assumed that, rather than it being Rey falling to the dark side, it was a clone or a vision or something. But I didn’t expect the scene to be entirely superficial. 8 seconds for a marketing stunt, then never again? Rey displays no anxiety and talks to nobody about literally fighting the evil version of herself. Oh my god, I thought you were joking. But in my heart of hearts, I knew it to be true as soon as I heard it. Fuck me I thought it not being in the movie was bad enough… The fullest extent of an explanation is that quote from ROTS ‘The dark side of the force is a pathway to abilities many consider to be unnatural.’ This isn’t like with Darth Maul, where there was at least a body. Palpatine fucking exploded and Lucas said. The Sith can’t become Force Ghosts because their selfish nature keeps them from letting go of worldly attachments.

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