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Also shooting 16-year-olds in the Official Stitch Starry Night Shirt back of the head. Shooting medics trying to help him and other people. Swinging batons so wildly that they seem like they’re trying to kill everyone around them, to the point that they are even smacking other officers. It’s kinda like that guy in Buffalo. The police in their report and yet when you see the footage the cops push him forcefully away. Especially for an old man and you see him whack the back of his head against the pavement. The cop who originally pushed him goes to help him up as he knows he’s massively fucked up, and try and pick him up and the cop next to him drags him back into the line. They left him there. Only the national guard member gets down to treat him but by that time the blood is pouring out of his ear. Exactly. You have a cop that fucked up, realized he did something bad, and attempts to bend down to help.

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