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Just so Pretty I Don’t Kneel Shirt it’s clear your airway is damaged so air can’t get in. So that means someone crushing your windpipe or stuff something in it. It takes longer to show non-traumatic asphyxiation enough that they can’t breathe enough to keep their brain oxygenated. So basically, they’re using the fact that the terminology is confusing to claim it means something it doesn’t. I don’t get it when people say if he can speak then he’s not choking. All it takes it blocking someone’s artery on their neck to kill them even if they may still be able to somewhat breathe they’ll still knock out and could die if held longer. Not to mention he was only speaking for the first couple minutes. The cop kept his knee on his neck for more than 5 minutes after he became completely nonresponsive. People saying that didn’t watch the video.

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