Funny Cowboy Cat Riding Shark Shirt

I don’t think he Funny Cowboy Cat Riding Shark Shirt ever really wanted to be President, to begin with. I think he announced his candidacy as a publicity stunt. Pushed his agenda for a while, used his campaign to build connections and influence. Then planned to drop out once a clear frontrunner appeared among the Republican candidates. When it turned out he was the frontrunner. He was trapped because all the connections he had been building suddenly expected him to push on to the presidency and thus return the favor. He liked doing rallies and speeches because it stroked his ego. He didn’t care about any of the politics of governance… I think he has hated this job since the day he got it, hence why he spends so much time golfing and basically never stopped campaigning, with rallies constantly throughout his entire presidency. But the actual job of being President? He wants nothing to do with it.

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