October Is Adhd Awareness Month But For Me It’s Also Jan Feb Mar Apr May June Jul Aug Sep Nov And Dec Shirt

My girlfriend and I just talked about that. I think its the kind of voice that a lot of people are like, oh shit, who is this? So Googling the lyrics would show up also. Voice is so silky smooth and it crosses genres so its hip hop but also poppy, it’s pretty ubiquitous on the radio everywhere. Honestly, at some point, the COVID news became so overwhelming, it would be pushed to you rather than you having to seek it out. Plus people just got bored of hearing about it, as if it went away or something…

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I found something so weird about Billie Eilish, I did not know anything about until way later, and then I became a fan and started watching interviews of her and listen to her music. I think the first wave was when she released her singles, her debut album was released much later, bringing more attention to the ones who missed the first time. Yep, and the third wave around July/August 2019 is when Bad Guy climbed up and overtook Old Town Toad. It’s basically just when she released something or something was becoming more popular.

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