Never Give Up Childhood Cancer Awareness Butterfly Shirt

Parents, please for the love of Christ stop giving your kids iPads with Youtube. Untold content farms are constantly jizzing out as many videos as possible to snag the views from these little dipshits, who now account for a ridiculous amount of the internet’s traffic. It only gets worse as they go from the drooling “Peter Griffin Does Baby Shark” videos with broken English titles to searching and clicking on some truly demented shit because they’re children and quickly turn whatever crazy shit they see into their baseline for normal because it involves Spiderman, Peppa Pig, and Paw Patrol, potentially all in the same video.

Never Give Up Childhood Cancer Awareness Butterfly Shirt


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A few years back I let my kid browse YouTube on her own while I was right next to her.. I look over and she discovered a creepy Peppa Pig video in which she took a bunch of pills and had to have her stomach cut open to remove them. YouTube is a fucking mess. In central California, all the 6th-grade students spend a week in cabins up in Sequoia national forest. Anyway, we sing a bunch of songs and learn about nature and shit. The baby shark was around then, and that was back in the ’90s for me. Super fun times, and such a good program. Those counties are by far the poorest in all of California and it introduced a lot of us disadvantaged kids to nature. Really got me into sustainability and nature and that shit stayed with me forever. It’s called the SCICON.

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