Nice Rip Chadwick Boseman Shirt

The gut stuff is hard to describe. It felt a little like I had eaten something weird, or I had mild food poisoning? I was just aware there was something strange/new going on in my abdomen. At the time I thought it was just stress because we’d gone into lockdown. In retrospect, it’s because there were tumors growing in my liver, and you feel them if they’re pressing on the outside of the liver. I wish this was fake. He’s still way too young, fuck cancer honestly. My thoughts are out to his family.

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Nice Rip Chadwick Boseman Shirt

Meaning he was literally filming fight scenes and car chases in tiptop shape for BP and endgame while battling cancer, just to see us happy. What an absolute legend. So glad BP got the recognition and high praise it deserved. Wakanda forever. Unpopular/popular opinion: Medically assisted suicide should be legal for those with terminal illnesses. If we have the right to allow pets a peaceful death, humans should be allowed to as well.

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