Rip Black Panther 1977 2020 Shirt

That would actually make an amazing scene, where the Jabari tribe comes down all decked out as if to fight and then M’baru comes down as if to challenge but instead silently concedes to her out of respect for both her and her brother. I lost my best friend of 30 years. She was 48. We were supposed to grow into snatchy old bitches together and now all my remaining years are without her. I can’t make sense of it.  Sounds like his family kept it under wraps. To think he was undergoing the treatments while starring in blockbuster movies.

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Rip Black Panther 1977 2020 ShirtRip Black Panther Rip Black Panther 1977 2020 ShirtRip Black Panther 1977 2020 Shirt1977 2020 Shirt

I’ve got colon (and now liver) cancer and my symptoms were blood in stool and weird gut stuff going on, as well as decreased energy levels. Since it all happened during lockdown I didn’t really pay attention until I had real sharp pain in my abdomen and went to the emergency room. Three weeks later there I was in the doctor’s office hearing that I have a mass on my colon and a bunch of stuff in my liver and that the only thing they can do is suppress it for a few months because surgery is not an option. I’m 32.

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