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I know that Catholic isn’t technically an ethnic-religious group but where I’m from it sure approaches that. There are many people I know who haven’t willing stepped foot in a church in decades yet would tell anyone that their whole family is Catholic as long as anyone can remember. I wouldn’t be surprised if those feelings don’t color numbers like this as well where someone can feel “Catholic” (purely as an example but apply this principle to any category) for the slightest of reasons in the rational absence of evidence but couldn’t be convinced to see themselves as otherwise.

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Agreed. There will never be a perfectly representative elected body, just because of human nature. One year, maybe there’s just a few more charismatic white or black or Native American voices, and so they are over-represented that cycle. Aiming for a 10% margin of error seems appropriate. Can’t wait for those days. I also understand that there is still a ways to go towards diversifying party leadership and such but this seems to indicate the party doesn’t discriminate against racially diverse candidates in general (I think the presidential candidate is a more complicated story based on peoples expectations of the general electorate.

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