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That’s one of my favorite moments. You can see for a very brief instant that he’s shaken. Luckily his Narcissism quickly reframed the situation for him that they were clearly all laughing in support of what he was saying. I wish I had the self-confidence of a pathological Narcissist sometimes. Fun fact: Trump received a whopping 4.1% of the votes in Washington DC during the 2016 election, “which is both the lowest popular vote total and share of the popular vote received by any Republican candidate since voters in the District of Columbia were granted the right to vote in presidential elections.”

Nice Peace Love Dative Blood Shirt


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I’m pretty sure my grandma actually does like him more than me. She’s super church-going and all that, so one day I said to her over the phone that he doesn’t seem very Christian so I’m not sure why she would like him so much? That’s all. lol, she didn’t talk to me for a solid 9 or 10 months after that. Whatever, I suppose. It’s not loving, it’s fear. They dread him appearing weak and actually being what everyone else sees him be. They’ve hitched their horse to his wagon for so long it would be too big a hit to their pride to admit he is a bad leader and a horrible human being.