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Considering he struggled to pick up that bottle of water, could you imagine how poorly that throw to home would have been and the laughter it would have drawn from the crowd? That man has no humility, so he would just get angry and make up some excuse about the ball being slippery. Shortly after this, the white house released he had a new diet/exercise regime. Who knows how long that lasted before he felt his finite energy getting too close to permanent depletion though. For those that don’t remember his fat ass had to be fetched a golf cart and he made all the other world leaders who walked the few hundred meters wait nearly an hour so he could have a fucking golf cart. VERY HIGH ENERGY!

Mint Farmhouse Christmas Raglan Shirt


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Is that when they started hiding stuff in his mashed potatoes to trick him into taking/eating them? I can’t remember what exactly, I can just remember how insane it was that they announced they treat the president of the United States like an iffy toddler who refuses to eat his veggies. It really is a strange world we live in, where American democracy has turned into a machine that produces this kind of humor. Scary and funny at the same time. How do you think other G20 leaders talk about him when he’s not around?