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I made a joke about Melania the other day on a post on Facebook and had some crazy start stalking my profile and trying to threaten me. I mean any info I had public he was commenting on, he was even leaving nasty comments on my marriage post calling me ugly, etc. Total nutball lol. That’s how it is for my parents. They are both rabid Trumpers. I’m very close to them and we just never talk politics (I’m a liberal baby). If my dad baits me I refuse to take the bait so he stopped. However if an idea to put all Liberals into concentration camps or banish them from the country came up he would wholeheartedly agree. I think he’d rather see me dead than right.

Baby Jack Skeleton And Baby Green Friends Light Christmas Shirt


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This is a state by state issue- Faithless Electors are dealt with in different ways in 32 different states, from disqualifying their vote to fines to forcing Electors to vote with the popular. None of them involve prison. “You heard them? They loved me. Some say not enough. I don’t know. They loved me. Just like my daughter; have you seen her? Anyways, they booed the libs and were saying stuff like vote them out, vote them out. Yeah, but people love me. Was it the Dems who did Corona? I don’t know. I’ll have people (corrupt friends or Fox News) look into that.