Nice I Only Use Periodically Sulfur Argon Calcium Samarium Shirt

went from using a Mr. Coffee to a pour-over and the immediate difference was astonishing. It was that singular change that made me go from a cream/sugar coffee to one that’s straight from the carafe. Coffee tends to brew best around 180 for a light roast and the 200+ coming out of a homebrewer is was really makes it bitter I think a lot of that comes from the fact that most brewers burn the coffee either via the heat from water fresh off the boiler or sitting on a hot plate waiting to be served. This really brings out the bitter nasties in coffee.

Nice I Only Use Periodically Sulfur Argon Calcium Samarium Shirt


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I use exactly 16 grams of coffee every day, and buy a 12 oz bag for $14.50. That’s 21 servings, which works out to $0.69 (nice) per serving per day. That is 12 oz of freshly roasted coffee from an incredible local Seattle roaster, I would stack this coffee up against any in the world. Free shipping when you buy 2 bags and they send it the day of roasting.

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