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Order yourself some good regional beans (unground) from a good roaster. Happy Mug Coffee is a good example, and they’re great. They only use in-season beans, and their Ethiopian Harrar is astoundingly good, even black and unsweetened. some people like bitter flavors. Largely the appeal for tea too. Both are acquired tastes, but the main draw for coffee is 100% the energy boost. I don’t see the “poop regulation” as a draw at all, as it can also make you constipated. But coffee doesn’t affect my stomach like that unless I drink too much.

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I don’t agree with you about the taste, because I love coffee, but I will say that we could all easily function without coffee. The whole reason people ‘need’ coffee, is because they’re addicted. It’s probably the most accepted addiction in the world. I used to retch at the smell/taste of coffee when I was younger. The smell has vastly improved to my senses, so imagine my surprise when the taste somehow got even worse.

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