Nice Don’t Stop Believing Nurse Life Christmas Shirt

As a foreigner, you keep hearing about the bad things that happen in America. The media reports it, stuff gets posted on Reddit and 9gag and Facebook, and you think, how can a country be so deplorable to its citizens or to one another. There’s no middle ground. It’s either really bad or really good. America really scares me, but I also think that it’s a great country because it has hostess products like Twinkies and ho-hos, Disney land, Universal Studios, girl scout cookies, and all that jazz. Surely a country that has all these good things can’t be all that bad.

Nice Don’t Stop Believing Nurse Life Christmas Shirt


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I’m brown and I would have called out any rude behavior that I perceived, in the most polite way possible. Like, “What’s the matter? Are you mad at us or something? You ever heard of manners?.” And If I thought it was racism (nothing in your post gives any indication of that, could have been a number of reasons) I would have asked, “what, you don’t like brown ppl?” But no way would I spend my money where they don’t treat me right. I don’t like any bad energy going into my food. No offense, but your man sounds kinda soft.

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