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How is racism Trumps fault, you lose me there, you don’t seem like a person who believes racism started in the last 4 years, I feel like your title is misleading. Middle-class America is full of Trump supporters who are fiscal conservatives and the two-party system gives us no option. We are forced to choose what matters most to us and are given two options, fiscal liberalism, and fiscal conservatism, and when either side chooses you to get a load of other shit you didn’t want. I don’t know anyone that supports Trump that wouldn’t have stood up for you and your Fiance.

Ho Ho Holy Shit What A Year 2020 Christmas New Year Shirt


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I just don’t see how people who vote on their economic beliefs somehow get wrapped up as racists it’s not our fault there’s a two-party system and if people stopped believing that everyone on the other side of the aisle believed everything their candidate stood for maybe we could have discussions about matters of importance, or better yet we could do away with the two-party system and have more variation in our elected officials. Ultimately I’m sorry that happened to you, I wish it didn’t and I agree you should post a review because that’s the best way to stop it from happening to someone else.

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