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I had an experience recently nowhere near as bad, but similar on the line of living in a conservative town. First I’m a city boy, but since this is Cali you take what you can get with housing so most of my life I’ve ended up in country butt, conservative ass towns. Most of the time I never really noticed it, but recently in the last four years, I’ve gone to barely want to go out to a store, to never wanting to go out.

Hot Don’t California My Texas Star Election Shirt


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This is a pathetically first world problem. First off, she was probably just a rude waitress who messed up your order. Second, why do you think any of their potential racism is due to Trump? I can guarantee you they would have been racist before, and even after the TA. Hannibal Buress has a great bit about being in line to buy a bunch of gallons of apple juice because he has coupons and getting a dirty look and thinking man this guy is really jealous about my Apple juice before it occurred he was just racist. Lol reminded me.