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Well, I see the image as scary. The amount of deaths is huge in comparison with the cases. Just scale up the cases to about half and see how big the death count gets. And that’s before we factor in things like hospitals collapsing due to the sheer amount of cases in that scenario. That should be enough to inspire people to do what they can so that the yellow square doesn’t grow to be half the image. Plus, you have to realize that the square is only COVID cases. Add another square for heart disease, another one for cancer, another one for car accidents, and so on. Every “square” in itself is insignificant, but if we allow more and more squares to pile up…

Dachshund Guess What Wiener Butt Vintage Retro Shirt


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But that’s not a good idea either, for instance, you’re more likely to get tested if you feel sick, or if you came into contact with someone else who tested positive. So if you just take a percentage of the people who test positive/negative it’s going to skew towards more people being infected than there actually is. I think this is the thing to take away here. If it’s expected that 80% of the population will get COVID and it scales, that red block starts to look big real fast.

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