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Imagine if they tried to be independent on Mars, and the earth cut off their access to the internet. That would make life on mars VERY difficult. Therefore, I don’t think Mars’s independence is a matter of their distance from earth, but their continued dependence on earth’s resources. Oh sure. To be clear I was railing against the idea of the space treaty being this big important thing, not the idea that independence would be likely. When I said, “who gets there first gets to..” I really meant “Which country gets there first”.

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What’s hilarious to me is that anyone thinks ANY law ANYWHERE is legal just cause people to write down words. It’s only legal if you have the capability and threat of force to back it up. Mars law will most certainly be Earth-Based at first, as anyone living on Mars for the first century or more will be dependent on Earth for survival. As mars become more independent, and Earthless vital, we’ll naturally see the power shift over to those who can control force on Mars

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