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. Presumably, since the earth is made of the same stuff asteroids are then in theory since the astroids aren’t thousands of miles wide their rare minerals would be much easier to get to since they wouldn’t have a crust that is leeched of said minerals. I don’t think we’ll be really putting any money towards any new supercarriers until the older ones get decommissioned and I know we already have a few being built. Basically, if you can’t convince Congress to pour the money into NASA, get some of it into the Space Force, inevitably that money will make its way down through contracts to launch companies and R&D helps us all.

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Although I agree with you in principle, the reality is, whatever colony is ultimately planted will be dependent on earth nations for generations. They will need continued shipments of supplies, materials, and more. Although a colony might be able to sustain itself independently, in the most basic form i.e. food and shelter, any real advances like developing new technology i.e. microchips, satellites, etc. will still be dependent on humans nations. Which means that they will have to play by earth’s rules. If they want a rocket launched or an internet link fixed, they will still need to use earth resources.

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