Funny You Should Smile More Women Shirt

As the 2020 Year In Search summary is not yet available, topics were sourced from Google’s Trending Searches page. These topics were supplemented with archived copies of the same page through the Wayback Machine. Google Trends provides weekly relative search interest for every search term, along with the interest by state. Using these two datasets for each term, we’re able to calculate the relative search interest for every state for a particular week. Linear interpolation was used to calculate the daily search interest.

Funny You Should Smile More Women Shirt


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It’s important to remember that people don’t often Google things, like the news, that they’ve already seen or heard about. If you read about the El Paso shooting on a news site, it won’t show as Googling anything other than a visit to your news site. People are more likely to Google music or content to watch because that’s the best way to find it. You’re not often going into a music site and searching for music there. I actually had to google 7 rings – I had no idea what that was. Never heard the song though I’ve heard of the singer. Also, I had to google the Weeknd. I thought maybe it was slang for WOO HOO WEEKEND IS HERE or something like that. No idea it was a singer. I listened to a few youtube songs. I never heard them.

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