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That’s not… accurate. From a vaccine development or distribution standpoint, economics, social (both election outcomes will spell social disaster), business – all the small businesses are failed or failing right now – the correct message is that we are at war and must tighten our belts to fight the invisible enemies of disease and economic depression. That’s what you tell the people to get them to do the right thing. All of the news relating to these trials is just financial tidbits for the day traders to nibble on. The normal public (and especially the president) really should NOT be publicly disclosing vaccine progress on a near-daily basis because it’s terrible messaging.

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Don’t panic. It’s 1 out of 30,000 people. It’s standard protocol to investigate. And even if this one falls through, there are 2 others in phase 3 trials. If anything we should be happy about this because it means they’re being really careful monitoring possible side effects, and not just bull-rushing this to completion. People citing the 85% phase 3 vaccine approval rate need a reality check. That is for all vaccines for all types of pathogens. What is the vaccine approval rate for coronaviruses? As far as I’m aware it is zero.