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My father had Guillain Barre syndrome from having a viral infection or flu 20 years ago. He now has CIDP. It greatly diminished his quality of life and has compounded other health issues from it because he never really “recovered”. The doctors at the time brought up the 1976 vaccine which my dad got when he was younger, but there is probably a low probability they are linked. But GBS was the adverse side effect of the 1976 vaccine. Maybe there are better treatments now, but when it hits you it is horrible and pray and hope that you go to a good hospital that knows what the hell is going on.

Cooking School Est 1991 Hannibal Academy Imagination And Inspiration Chef Dr. Lecter Shirt

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Please look up the failed swine Flu Vaccine program of 1976. I am afraid that they are going to rush this and a large number of people will be harmed just like back then and erode people’s opinions/confidence of vaccine’s even more. We have enough morons in the US, we don’t need any mistakes to get blown out of proportion and justify their crack pot conspiracy theories and bigotry.