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It’s incredibly important that they do all the necessary checks, but to release a statement, especially when so many people are already anti-vax especially for the Rona seems a bit silly. It would have been better to have released it once you have all the information on the situation and you can say for sure what the problem was IMO. Now, so many of these anti-vapers are going to say they’re only continuing because they want to poison us or something stupid like that. Thank goodness for these studies rushing for a cure could set us back if the cure has negative effects in the long term, it would give anti-vaxxers more influence. Russia’s vaccine scares me a bit hopefully they got it right.

Grab Him By The Ballot November 3 Shirt


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Is it normal to stop a trial of this size and scope based on a single adverse event, even a death? I personally would find a vaccine more untrustworthy if went through three phases without any negative effects. Still, adverse events are expected and routine with every trial. For this one to be halted based on one AE is surprising, looking forward to hearing the pervasiveness of the effect and what it might be.