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The rioters are 99% Democrats but yet it’s trump causing the violence. How stupid can you guys be? Trump can not make grown men and women commit felonies. I mean come on guys the left is making huge mistakes and you think that blaming trump will make your site seem less violent but it just looks like grown men and women making excuses and the polls are showing that Americans don’t like the violence. Biden had to finally denounce the riots because he saw his poll numbers are dropping. What a joke the left has become. As soon as the debates start and Norma everyday Americans see how much of a mental decline Biden has taken his poll numbers are going to drop so fast.

Kawaii Ghost In Mask 2020 Is Boo Sheet Shirt


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Can’t wait to see this bubble burst on Election Day when you figure out that you are the vocal minority. Keep making excuses though it’s only helping trump. Remember when the mayor of Portland tweeted the letter he wrote to trump declining federal help and then days after stating he’s willing to reach across any aisle. My god he’s a joke and people are calling him out for it. Check out twitter sometimes if you’re willing to leave this safe space you call Reddit.