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No. Trump isn’t holding a candle to what loads of others are doing to incite violence. We MUST acknowledge that Biden, Kamala, and all of the mayors and governors who won’t accept help from Trump which he has offered multiple times are the ones at full fault here. All over CNN, they’re toting this notion that these riots are peaceful protests and Biden and Kamala both stated that the riots were actually peaceful well into them being dangerous riots. And they only went back on themselves when BLM started losing support because the people aren’t blind.

Funny Cleveland Football Flag 2020 Shirt


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When the people have to take up arms and the gun buying industry has had a MASSSSIVVEEE increase in sales due to the absolute fear then there’s something seriously wrong. Trump has not downplayed how dangerous this has become not once, not since it started. He is inciting absolutely nothing, while Kamala, Biden, and the mayors and governors who refuse to act and even promote it as if its completely fine are the ones inciting violence and adding fuel to this fire with the whole “if you don’t vote democrat you ain’t black” and “black vote this, a white person that”.