Bear I Might Live In Ohio But I’ll Always Be Pro West Virgini Shirt

Didn’t MLK say “riots are the language of the unheard?” I’m actually confused about what people think the best course of action is. I mean peaceful protests have gone on for decades for the same group of people here. At a point is it realistic to keep saying the same thing? I don’t think America got its independence from England by taking a knee or having a sit-in. I don’t think the French Revolution did that either. No one even pays attention to these protests minus the violence. America wants to treat BLM like their annoying step-cousin who they hand an unplugged controller.

Bear I Might Live In Ohio But I’ll Always Be Pro West Virgini Shirt


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I understand how this sounds and innocent people’s business get burned down I do. But if peaceful protests work how come violent riots and rebellion are the only mainstream ones we know of? Peaceful protests to not get killed by the police seems a little crazy especially because its the same protests for decades. Can’t kneel as the president calls you a son of a bitch and conservatives condemn you for being unpatriotic. Can’t peacefully march because you’ll get tear-gassed, shot with rubber bullets, and beat by police.