I Can’t Mask My Excitement Of Being Your Counselor Shirt

Can’t say anything about this dude as a politician, but I gotta say I’m glad that someone finally backs Taiwan (maybe someone has before and I haven’t heard of it I dunno this the first one I’ve seen) I mean they’ve had their own government and have been operating as a country for over half a century, but no one will say it out loud because they don’t want to upset China. If anything comes out of this I hope countries will rely less on China for things, there was a lot of stuff I’ve been unable to get recently because it is only manufactured in China. Reading up about Taiwan the other day and reading about China’s plan for ‘re-unification’ just makes me think of Dynasty Warrior’s xD.

I Can’t Mask My Excitement Of Being Your Counselor Shirt

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the great irony of the whole Taiwan situation is that the original question after 1949 was who leads china, not who IS china, the nationalists in Taiwan have always held out hope they would retake china. the official name of Taiwan to this day is the Republic of China. if you go to Taiwan, older license plates say “province of Taiwan”. over the years Taiwanese politicians have given up on retaking china and instead contorted the question to if Taiwan is independent. it’s all pedantic and political gamesmanship and once again the people are the pawns.







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