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Considering this is Florida, this is one of the happiest articles I’ve read in a while. Normal crime, nobody died, they even caught the bad guy and he’s getting charged. … some people might disagree but the black teen not getting shot or killed is a real sign of progress IMO. This prick was badly slurring his words, he was obviously under the influence of something, and should not have been driving. He also falsely claimed to be a police officer.

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sheesh, why do they always pick the wrong people to mess with? You never saw Karens and Daren are doing this in gang neighborhoods. Only to the people trying to stay the fuck out of there. Confused by the message. They keep saying vigilante as if he was trying to stop crime but they had already stated there was NO crime. In fact, there’s no explanation of what made him do this I the first place other than mental illness exacerbated by the current administration.

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