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This poor kid. No one should have to be at the mercy of creeps like that man. He must have been terrified. He knew this guy was crazy and racist AF and said what he had to stay alive. Thank God this kid was mentally prepared to deal with this but he shouldn’t have had to be. My nephew is that age, not black but brown. Will this happen to him someday? Will we lose our loved ones to freaks like this man who goes unpunished and receive praise from so many? This country makes me sadder all the time. This kid’s life will never be the same.

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When deputies arrived, they “calmed the situation down and comforted the victim. Then they took this vigilante to task for what he’d done and referred the case to our office for potential charges,” Warren added. One officer then took the 18-year-old to his basketball practice. Someone should call his place of employment and have a word with the boss about why they employ a racist piece of shit wannabe George Zimmerman.

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