I Am The Dungeon Master I Can Fix Stupid But It’s Gonna Hurt Shirt

I think at this point I’m gonna stop giving him the benefit of the doubt that he is too dumb to know how things work. In the current pandemic, he knew the severity before anything went down in us and decided to do nothing while telling everyone things were fine and golfing. This isn’t stupidity it’s a con and he will say whatever is in his best interest. That’s my new stance going forward. Well yeah, responsible outlets would report the official death toll with the caveat that it was likely to rise, but blabbermouth trump took the official death toll as something to brag about because he doesn’t understand how these things work.

I Am The Dungeon Master I Can Fix Stupid But It’s Gonna Hurt Shirt

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You’re lucky… here the Health Minister said “small samples” are enough… Cuckoo cuckoo! What’s wrong with these dumb people!! I bet MX will be hit harder than any other country in LA, it has the right mix: ignorant people hanging out, bad economy before the crisis which will be worse after this recession, and a moron populist president who divides the country… What bothers me the most is that there are people who try to stay in to avoid the breakout, to protect each other. So, if the party animals are still going on easter holidays, they can agonize on the streets. I don’t care. There are more valuable people outside who really care about society.



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