I Always Leave My Heart In Germany Shirt

It’s not even that he believed someone else, it’s that he didn’t even give her the opportunity to explain herself. He packed her stuff before she even woke up and kicked her out with no explanation. Ex is trash and now he gets to live with his mistakes and know he ruined a good thing and it was all his fault. He was drunk (and seemingly hungover that morning) and he didn’t even wait until he had a clear mind to have a conversation with OP for her side of the story. He trashed their whole relationship over a drunk/hungover decision. He deserves whatever he gets – which is to be alone.

I Always Leave My Heart In Germany Shirt

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This and OP should politely tell her parents “He left me homeless in his country on New Year’s day – I owe my ex nothing but contempt. His apologies and begging outside is a just entertaining show for me to watch now because that’s how much I love my new boyfriend compare to my ex. Yes, mom and dad – that is how much he, his friends, his family burn bridge with me over that female friend of his lies; that he can have 6 giant billboards and have the only US college parade marching bands on the street while he’s on his hands and knees begging for me – I still won’t forgive him nor want him back; so what why should I talk to him and any of them ever again? ”





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