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Only if it’s something she doesn’t want to do. (Which is true when one party wants to answers and the other party has moved on or is trying to, but does it anyway). I feel like a nice and short response such as the one in this comment thread would be cathartic for OP and clear for her ex I was thinking the same thing. She is worried about being too harsh, but he was not worried when he believed someone else over her without evidence. He was not worried as he was packed her stuff, kicked her out of their apartment without knowing where to go. I say be pleased with him but move on to your new life and choose happiness.

LGBT Elephant When Hate Is Loud Love Must Be Louder Heart Shirt

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Not just believe someone else – packed her bags without any kind of context leaving me to find out externally what this was all about AND having your friends shame me publicly. Please leave and tell your friends they need to stop trying to contact me. I am fine without you and we are done. For sure. At least give her a day or two to arrange something solid, damn! He deserves to be the sad crying sop on the sidewalk, it’s just a fraction of what he made her feel. Dudes a nozzle.











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