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Her parents try to get her to give him a chance after he made her homeless, didn’t hear her out after 4 years of relationship and her uprooting her life, oh, and of course his friends trashing her reputation to the point that her new date needed to “not believe what people said about her”. Internet drama sticks with you for life, not just until you’re over a relationship.

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If this story is true, I would also like to know if he slept with her. I mean, if he’s still friends with her, there’s no point in knowing but if he’s not I’d still like to know if they slept together. Of course, he’s free to sleep with whomever he wants, but, to me, it would be like pouring salt in the wound. “Oh, don’t worry about her babe – she may not like you or respect our relationship but it’s fine, I’m gonna keep hanging out with her because she means well (narrator’s voice: she does not), she just doesn’t know how to act around women.”











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