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No fucking shit Sherlock. The sheer stupidity of people thinking the entire world is in on a hoax just to crash the US Economy and force you to wear a mask. Sometimes I am grateful for the pandemic because it shows me who is capable of thinking of others while also killing off those who choose to be unsafe. Hey Tony, the world you’re looking for is a murderer. You feel like a murderer because you killed two people. That’s what that makes you. Typical. It’s the same old shit. Everything is a “hoax, fake news, MSM hype, you all are sheep” until they get seriously hurt or something happens to their family.

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NOW it’s a problem though, right? It affected YOU, so it’s important now! Before then, he was resentful of the quarantine, because “fuck everyone else”. It’s just so predictable, just like the morons who vote to gut social programs even when they are on them or need them because of the pandemic, now they are utterly SHOCKED they can’t get help. This assaulted his nervous system, and people are saying “It’s nothing!” Still?! He could have died, he’s only!

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