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I know most people will have the “serves you right” undertones, and I have these feelings too, but I applaud him for coming forward and speaking about his guilt and the ramifications it had on his family as he had nothing to gain from this. We need more of these “just a hoax” people coming forward to show others in that camp. THIS SHIT IS NOT A JOKE. Fuck people like this. Why do I have to be rational and responsible for my actions while others can partake in shitty and absurd world views and reckless behaviors? It makes me mad. No more pity nor understanding for people like this. “Oh, it’s a hoax? Fuck you.”

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What a doof. Calling covid a hoax is akin to anti-vaxxing or flat earthing. That said, it’s not dangerous to anybody who’s younger-ish and healthy-ish. It’s so weird to see school kids n stuff in a panic over covid. Statistically speaking they should be way more afraid of falling down the stairs or getting in a car accident, but for some reason, they’re not? I just don’t understand let’s highlight the real problem: this pandemic being politicized. As Tony admitted, if Trump had advised everyone to wear masks, he and most likely many others would have taken COVID more seriously. Polarization is a blight: if one party says yes, the other dashes to shout no.

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